Git Good (Enough)

You can do a lot of things with git, and many of the rules of what you should do are not so much technical limitations but are about what works well when working together with other people. So git is a very powerful set of tools.

- Linus Torvalds



Git is a class of software known as a version control system (VCS). It is used to help developers manage the complexity of collaborative development, as well as to create and store robust backups of software.

While very few devs are actually git experts, knowing the basics is absolutely essential for collaborative development. While other VCS exist, git is used almost exclusively these days.


In this module, we will:

  1. Present a graphical model of git
  2. Review some important git operations (with pictures)
  3. Look at a common procedure for making a contribution


Additional Resources


For some versions of quarto, mermaid diagrams render too small regardless of fig-width settings. If the diagrams are not readable use this.